Take Action! Demand a Royal Commission TODAY!

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, has been accused of severe impropriety – and even criminal conduct.

She has been accused of facilitating embezzlement from the Australian Workers’ Union in the early 1990’s.

She has been accused of misleading parliament, and been called flat out corrupt by Andrew Laming MP. George Brandis SC, Shadow Attorney General, has said that there was a “criminal in the lodge

Serious questions as to the integrity of the Prime Minister remain unanswered, and no defamation case have been brought against anyone making these allegations.

For the dignity of the office, and in the interests of transparency and accountability, this matter MUST be laid to rest.

We MUST have a Royal Commission now.

If Julia Gillard is guilty only of bad judgment  – she shall be exonerated.

If, however, there is any truth to these allegations, the Australian public deserve to know.

Please use our form below contact your MP and demand a Royal Commission NOW! 

Click HERE for all the facts regarding to this case.

If Julia Gillard is innocent, a Royal Commission shall exonerate her.

If she has nothing to hide, then she MUST agree to our demands. .

Please use our form below to contact your MP and DEMAND A ROYAL COMMISSION NOW!